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Improve your cloud security with best 5 Tips

Security in cloud technology in recent times has failed to live pace to expectations. Reduce the vulnerability of possible cyber-attack by adopting these five cloud security strategies with a plan can greatly reduce risk.

Building a robust strategy will help avoid common loopholes, the inclusion of all key stakeholders, identifying vulnerabilities, investing in training employees along with using a layered cloud security approach will surely protect the system.

Develop a strategy for cloud security:-

    1. Use encrypted cloud service
    2. Encrypt the Data
    3. Password creation
    4. Backups are Must in cloud technology
    5. Testing is the Key

Use encrypted cloud service

Some cloud technology service providers give local encryption along with data storage and backup thus safety issue will be solved meaning nor service provider nor admin will have access to your private information. Breakdown to this is to divide your data on the level of privacy it needs thus defining the level of protection needed for it, thus maintaining the balance between costs, incurred time and the amount spent.

Encrypt the Data

The easiest way is to zip the file, encrypt it with password as no one will be able to access it with knowing one and then move it to the cloud. Thus providing protection and making it more reliable, in case you want to opt for more cloud security the data can be encrypted using TrueCrypt – encryption software in cloud technology which is an open source encryption program to keep all your private files protected with the password.

Password creation

Even though you are well aware of this thing but most of the passwords are cracked in few seconds even creating some double passwords will land up all login details in your email account, as the credentials may be forgotten numerous times, hence the simple trick to do this use core words at the structure of password and add numeric to make it even stronger.

Backups are Must in cloud technology

Backups are Must in cloud technology:-Taking backup seems to be obvious but many small businesses fail to do this. There are necessary for complying with Cloud security requirements, as they prove to be a safety net in your long-term business plan.

Testing is the Key

Testing is the right way to check whether your cloud security team works appropriately or not for that purpose both internal and external testing needs to be done on a regular basis. Also, you need to document these errors as they can be worked on and maintenance is required considering the future.


The field of cloud security is vast and needs to be explored as much deep as organization can, these are some of the guidelines that can help one in building a protection system.

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